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How To Secure DNS with DNSCrypt

Like most of the network protocols and systems in widespread use today, the Domain Name System (DNS) harbors significant security vulnerabilities. Though DNS provides a deceptively simple service — translating human-friendly website addresses such as http://www.cnn.com into computer-friendly numerical IP addresses such as — the system’s integrity is a crucial cornerstone of Internet operations and trustworthiness. Continue reading How To Secure DNS with DNSCrypt


Good initiative to protect Kenya cyberspace, but legal hurdles need to be cleared

Photo/File  Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) offices along Waiyaki Way in Nairobi. Plans to install the spyware kicked off on Monday after CCK sent letters to telecoms service providers demanding their co-operation in the installation of the Internet traffic monitoring equipment known as the Network Early Warning System (NEWS).

By OKUTTAH MARK (Business daily)

The telecommunications industry regulator, CCK, is setting up a system to spy on private emails, citing a rise in cyber security threats since Kenya entered the global superhighway with the landing of the undersea fibre optic cable in Mombasa three years ago. Continue reading Good initiative to protect Kenya cyberspace, but legal hurdles need to be cleared

‘Fileless’ malware installs into RAM

Researchers at Kaspersky Labs have found malware which, unusually, does not install any files on its victims PCs.

The researchers aren’t quite sure how unusual it is, describing it as both “unique” and “very rare”, but no matter how scarce this type of malware is it does sound rather nasty as it “… uses its payload to inject an encrypted dll from the web directly into the memory of the javaw.exe process.” That mode of operation means Windows and MacOS are both affected by the exploit, which is hard for many antivirus programs to spot given it runs within a trusted process. Continue reading ‘Fileless’ malware installs into RAM