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The Internet Security threat report 2013

The Internet Security threat report 2013 by semantic group has been released. Symantec “maintains one of the world’s most comprehensive vulnerability databases, currently consisting of more than 51,644 recorded vulnerabilities (spanning more than two decades) from over 16,687 vendors representing over 43,391 products.” (Internet Security threat report 2013). “Symantec has established some of the most comprehensive sources of Internet threat data in the world through the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, which is made up of approximately 69 million attack sensors and records thousands of events per second. This network monitors threat activity in over 157 countries and territories through a combination of Symantec products and services such as Symantec DeepSight™ Threat Management System, Symantec™ Managed Security Services and Norton™ consumer products, and other third-party data sources” (Internet Security threat report 2013). The report has got in-depth details about the growth of cyber attacks in the year 2012. The biggest area being the mobile malware , this will shock many because the main drive of this is too steal information and track movements.Whats the other new part, Zero-day vulnerabilities continue to trend upward; 14 were reported in 2012.Wait a munute! and you say that you are secure?

Get yourself a copy here. Continue reading The Internet Security threat report 2013


Spam is down, but malware is as hot as ever, Symantec finds

Off-the-shelf exploit toolkits provided the fuel to launch a record number of attacks last year, according to Symantec’s latest “Internet Security Threat Report.”

Released Monday, the report documented that Symantec products successfully blocked 5.5 billion “malicious attacks” in 2011, a surge of 81 percent over the previous year, with the number of  malware strains rising to more than 400 million. Continue reading Spam is down, but malware is as hot as ever, Symantec finds

pcAnywhere users – patch now!

Symantec released a patch for pcAnywhere products that fixes couple of vulnerabilities, among which the most dangerous one allows remote code execution. You can see Symantec’s advisory here.

Now, for last couple of weeks there have been a lot of rumors about source code of several Symantec’s products that got stolen by yet unknown hackers. Besides a post that listed file names nothing else has been released in public yet, as far as we know. Continue reading pcAnywhere users – patch now!