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Thousands of Twitter accounts wide open after TweetGif hack

Part of a database containing the credentials for more than 8,000 Twitter accounts, apparently obtained from the TweetGif image hosting service, is currently circulating online. The extract contains access tokens and the associated access token secrets which can be used to access users’ Twitter accounts.

Users log into the third-party TweetGif app using their Twitter account, and Twitter then provides TweetGif with an access token. This token allows TweetGif to access the user’s Twitter account in perpetuity without having to request permission each time it wishes to do so.

The tokens remain valid even when the account password is changed. As a precautionary measure, anyone who has used TweetGif in the past is advised to revoke the service’s access rights under Settings ➤ Apps on twitter.com. The LulzSecReborn Hacker group has already claimed responsibility for leaking the user data. The group was also responsible for publishing data from the MilitarySingles.com e-dating web site and from security services provider CSS Corp earlier this year.

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PrivacyWatch Alert System To Help Facebook Users Protect Their Personal Information

Recent reports show that millions of Facebook users are becoming increasingly aware of and concerned about their online privacy and are actively altering their privacy settings as a result. To date, however, there hasn’t been a systematic means of tracking Facebook’s over 7,000-word Data Use Policy and privacy settings changes, leaving Facebook users to figure it out on their own. Abine, Inc., the online privacy company and makers of the popular Do Not Track Plus privacy tool, is changing that today with the launch of PrivacyWatch (Abine.com/GoPrivate), a new alert system created by Abine’s privacy experts to help consumers monitor and continuously improve their privacy on Facebook. Continue reading PrivacyWatch Alert System To Help Facebook Users Protect Their Personal Information

Cybercrimes dump email for irresistible Twitter, Facebook spam

Cybercrooks have quit pouring barrels of spam into email inboxes in favour of hassling marks on social networks as an easier way to make money.

The dismantling of remote-controllable armies of compromised PCs, the collapse of some shady affiliate advertising networks, and better spam-filtering technology have all resulted in a decrease in traditional email spam delivery.

 However, dodgy messaging to promote sites selling knock-off goods, pills to enhance performance beneath the sheets, and other tat, has only been displaced rather than destroyed. Twitter and Facebook have both become primary conduits for spam in the process – and the messages sent usually look far more convincing. Continue reading Cybercrimes dump email for irresistible Twitter, Facebook spam

Current Approach for Dealing with Cybercriminals is “Unsustainable”

Shawn Henry, the executive assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch, told the Wall Street Journal that the government and private sector is outgunned, when it comes to the defending data and networks from cyber criminals.

Henry told the Journal that he didn’t see anyway to come out of the current situation ahead, unless companies were willing to make major changes to their consistently vulnerable networks.  Continue reading Current Approach for Dealing with Cybercriminals is “Unsustainable”