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Analysis of the Jericho Botnet – A Modern Malware Case Study

We’ve talked a lot about modern malware as a concept, but I’d like to use this week’s column to call out one particular sample of malware that I’ve had my eye on for the last several weeks – a new banking botnet that has been referred to as the Jericho Botnet.

This botnet also illustrates the importance of the malware trends for 2012 that I called out in an earlier column – the increasing sophistication of malware writers’ coding techniques, the need to more tightly control applications that malware will use to communicate with the outside world and the advantages of sandbox analysis when applied to anti-malware network security. Continue reading Analysis of the Jericho Botnet – A Modern Malware Case Study


FBI warning about Banking trojan “Gameover”

Organized crooks have begun launching debilitating cyber attacks against banks and their customers as part of a smoke screen to prevent victims from noticing simultaneous high-dollar cyber heists. On Friday the FBI issued a warning about a banking trojan named Gameover. It’s a new variant of Zeus, a user credential stealing malware that targets online bank users. Zeus has been around for years, and every now and then a new version with a new twist pops up. Continue reading FBI warning about Banking trojan “Gameover”