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Russian start-up claims BitTorrent-killer

A group of Russian developers is touting a technology they say can kill off BitTorrent-based P2P file sharing – and says they have attracted investment from Microsoft.

According to a story in Russia Beyond the Headlines, the technology developed by Andrei Klimenko, his brother Alexei, and Dmitry Shuvaev has attracted $US100,000 from Microsoft’s seed investment fund, and another $US34,000 from the Bortnik Fund.

The company they have founded, called Pirate Pay, also claims to have conducted successful proof-of-concept tests, blocking “50,000” downloads of the movie Vysotsky: Thanks go God I’m Alive in the month after its release.

What’s not clear, either from the original story or the TorrentFreak follow-up, is exactly how the technology works. From the hints dropped by Andrei Klimenko, Pirate Pay operates what is essentially a BitTorrent-specific, cloud-based denial of service. Continue reading Russian start-up claims BitTorrent-killer


Cyber Risks Economics 101

Are cyber-security risks:

  1. a genuine threat;
  2. the result of shoddy math; or
  3. a management consulting conspiracy?

Judging from recent articles, surveys and reports, the answer is “all of the above.” There is a lot of confusion and incomplete and/or inaccurate information regarding cyber-security circulating out there.

Investigative reporter Seymour Hersch has argued that national cyber-risk threats are overstated, perhaps intentionally, by firms that make good money bolstering the country’s cyber defenses: Continue reading Cyber Risks Economics 101

Continuous Capability – The Next Frontier

If You No Longer Know What You’re Looking for, You Can’t Protect Yourself Against It.Network Security

In my previous column I wrote about the concept of Information Superiority. The premise is fairly straightforward: In the battle for network security, whoever can bring superior intelligence to bear on network and device security problems, wins. Continue reading Continuous Capability – The Next Frontier