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5 Most In-Demand Security Skills

5 Most In-Demand Security SkillsThe number of IT security job postings listed on Dice.com has escalated significantly compared to a year ago, based on the job board’s annual comparative analysis. The biggest increase is for cybersecurity specialists, whose listings have grown by 60 percent.

“Every year the number of threats and the sophistication of those threats escalate,” says Alice Hill, managing director at Dice.com. “It’s a battle that will only continue to increase, making cybersecurity positions a priority within organizations.”ice defines the broad term of “cybersecurity professionals” as those responsible for building and maintaining a secure computing environment. These individuals collaborate with business leaders to define use cases, risk profiles and determine the appropriate access to information for employees and customers. The cybersecurity job category on Dice includes only those job posts that carry the keyword “cybersecurity.” The job board does not specifically track any particular skill or role that may fit into this job category. Continue reading 5 Most In-Demand Security Skills


Botnets: The backdoor to the enterprise network

Botnets are one of the most significant network security threats facing organizations today. Compromising anywhere from a few thousand to well over a million systems, botnets are used by cyber criminals to take over computers and execute illegal and damaging activities – such as stealing data, gaining access to unauthorized network resources, initiating Denial of Service(DoS) attacks or distributing spam.   Continue reading Botnets: The backdoor to the enterprise network

February 2012 Most Vulnerable Cities At Risk Of Cyber Crime

Norton’s study showed the city was one of the ten worst for hacking. Each city was ranked by the prevalence of PCs and smartphones in addition to social media use with risk factors like unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots and malware attempts.  Continue reading February 2012 Most Vulnerable Cities At Risk Of Cyber Crime

Kelihos Botnet Update Shows Challenges Facing Takedown Efforts

Not too long ago, Microsoft and other security researchers were heralding the fall of the Kelihos botnet. It appears now however that whoever is behind it is fighting efforts to take it down.

Botnet shutdowns via sinkholing – where researchers redirect the malicious traffic from each bot to a server under their control – have become a prominent weapon in the fight against spammers. However, while sinkholing as its advantages, the persistence of Kelihos shows the method has its limitations when cyber-criminals stay at large, argued Kaspersky Lab analyst Maria Garnaeva. Continue reading Kelihos Botnet Update Shows Challenges Facing Takedown Efforts