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Russian start-up claims BitTorrent-killer

A group of Russian developers is touting a technology they say can kill off BitTorrent-based P2P file sharing – and says they have attracted investment from Microsoft.

According to a story in Russia Beyond the Headlines, the technology developed by Andrei Klimenko, his brother Alexei, and Dmitry Shuvaev has attracted $US100,000 from Microsoft’s seed investment fund, and another $US34,000 from the Bortnik Fund.

The company they have founded, called Pirate Pay, also claims to have conducted successful proof-of-concept tests, blocking “50,000” downloads of the movie Vysotsky: Thanks go God I’m Alive in the month after its release.

What’s not clear, either from the original story or the TorrentFreak follow-up, is exactly how the technology works. From the hints dropped by Andrei Klimenko, Pirate Pay operates what is essentially a BitTorrent-specific, cloud-based denial of service. Continue reading Russian start-up claims BitTorrent-killer


The Accidental Pirate…..What Software Vendors and Enterprise Companies Should Know

Executives need to be mindful that software non-compliance within their organization can result in serious financial risks for the company.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier columns, it has been our customers’ experience that 50 percent of all software piracy violations found at corporations happen from businesses that are already clients of the software they are accused of stealing. How is this possible? While some of this activity can be blamed on deliberate action, more often than not, the reason companies unwittingly become software pirates is due to a misunderstanding of their software licenses.

Identifying Enterprise Software Licenses With that in mind, maintaining strong business relationships between software makers and their customers should be a top priority. So, what steps should both the software vendor and their customers take to ensure the relationship avoids speed bumps such as software piracy?

For software vendors: While software audits are always an option, they are disruptive to customers and can cause friction. To avoid this scenario, there is technology available to mitigate the risk of software piracy. Software vendors are now employing business software intelligence technology that can detect software piracy and identify the companies using illegal software. This information is reported back to the software vendor and with the hard data in hand, they reach out to those infringing companies to make them paying customers. This is also good news for companies whose competitors have been using pirated software, as the playing field is leveled as these competitors finally have to bear the same software costs. Continue reading The Accidental Pirate…..What Software Vendors and Enterprise Companies Should Know