Kenya next great migration,the “EMV”

Its migration season for Kenya, last year was digital migration which met a lot of resistance from consumers. Next in line is the wildbeast migration, which usually occurs on September. This time we have another one on 31st march (confused), lol! no its the “EMV MIGRATION” (Seems Kenya will have another worlds wonder of migrating nation).EMV is replacing almost 40 year old magnetic stripe card transaction processing and Kenya banking industry is gearing up to migrate to new EMV chip technology standard. But whats in all this hullabaloo of migrations? What are the benefits?

“Central Bank of Kenya data shows that there were more than 10.7 million ATM, credit and debit cards in circulation by year end 2012, this represented a 6 per cent increase over the previous year, while the value of the ATM transactions alone during the same period in 2012 was Kshs.156, 891 million which is up from 140,825 million the year before. This can be attributed to an impressive economic growth and rising levels of disposable incomes, Kenya is growing a developing nation remember we are headed somewhere if not nowhere.

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The new Android Android.HeHe Trojan;blocks incoming calls and SMS messages

App installs itselfGoogle’s Android Is consolidating its position as the most popular mobile operating system and primary attack target for malicious actors interested in compromising mobile devices.
“FireEye Labs has recently discovered six variants of a new Android threat that steals text messages and intercepts phone calls” (, 2014) called Android.HeHe”.

It is a Trojan horse for Android devices that blocks incoming calls and SMS messages from specific numbers and disguises as a genuine android security update also known as OS update. “It contacts the command-and-control (CnC) server to register itself then goes on to monitor incoming SMS messages.he CnC is expected to respond with a list of phone numbers that are of interest to the malware author. If one of these numbers sends an SMS or makes a call to an infected device, the malware intercepts the message or call, suppresses device notifications from the device, and removes any trace of the message or call from device logs.

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