The Internet Security threat report 2013

The Internet Security threat report 2013 by semantic group has been released. Symantec “maintains one of the world’s most comprehensive vulnerability databases, currently consisting of more than 51,644 recorded vulnerabilities (spanning more than two decades) from over 16,687 vendors representing over 43,391 products.” (Internet Security threat report 2013). “Symantec has established some of the most comprehensive sources of Internet threat data in the world through the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, which is made up of approximately 69 million attack sensors and records thousands of events per second. This network monitors threat activity in over 157 countries and territories through a combination of Symantec products and services such as Symantec DeepSight™ Threat Management System, Symantec™ Managed Security Services and Norton™ consumer products, and other third-party data sources” (Internet Security threat report 2013). The report has got in-depth details about the growth of cyber attacks in the year 2012. The biggest area being the mobile malware , this will shock many because the main drive of this is too steal information and track movements.Whats the other new part, Zero-day vulnerabilities continue to trend upward; 14 were reported in 2012.Wait a munute! and you say that you are secure?

Get yourself a copy here.

Cyber activism and cyber terrorism is here with us more than ever before due to the zero day exploits, you remember stuxnet, Duqu & flame! MMMMhh…and now the North and South Korea debacle continuing.
“Just as nuclear was the strategic warfare of the industrial era, cyber-warfare has become the strategic war of the information era,” says U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. Cyberespionage and cybersabotage are already a reality.

The best part  of the report is how it is organised and at the end of each of the threat a solution is given. I recommend this report to the new converts in IT security since it is straightforward and easy to comprehend.

The analysts looks at “Targeted attacks have become an established part of the threat landscape and safeguarding  against  them has become one of the main concerns of CISOs and IT managers. Targeted attacks are commonly used for the  purposes of industrial espionage to gain access to the confidential information on a compromised computer system or network. They are rare but potentially the most difficult attacks to defend against.””Targeted attacks combine social engineering and malware to target individuals in specific companies with the objective of stealing confidential information such as trade secrets or customer data. They often use custom-written malware and sometimes exploit zero-day vulnerabilities, which makes them harder to detect and potentially more infective. ” “Symantec saw a 42 percent increase in the targeted attack rate in 2012 compared with the preceding 12 months. While the manufacturing industry has become the main target accounting for 24 percent of attacks, we also saw a wide range of companies coming under attack, not only large businesses, but increasingly SMBs as well. Targets attacks have evolved to watering hole attacks.”This involves compromising a legitimate website that a targeted victim might visit and using it to install malware on their computer. “


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