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Attack Surface Analyzer Helps Developers During the Verification Phase of the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

Microsoft has released the public version of Attack Surface Analyzer, a tool that determines the security of an application by examining how it affects the computer it is installed on.

Microsoft Attack Surface AnalyzerMicrosoft originally released Attack Surface Analyzer as a public beta in January 2011 during the Blackhat DC security conference. In the year and a half since, the company has reduced the number of false positives, enhanced performance, and made bug fixes, Monty LaRue and Jimmie Lee, Trustworthy Computing Security engineers at Microsoft, wrote on the Security Development Lifecycle blog Thursday. Attack Surface Analyzer 1.0 now has an improved graphical user interface and in-depth documentation, they wrote.

The verification tool is designed to help software developers and independent software vendors assess the attack surface of an application or software platform, Tim Rains, director of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing group, wrote on the Microsoft Security Blog Thursday. Developers and testers can use this to determine if their applications are secure. Since ASA doesn’t require the original source code, managers and executives can also use the tool to determine how a new application or software being considered would affect the organization’s overall security before deploying it.

“IT Security Auditors can use the tool to evaluate the risk of a particular piece of software installed on the Windows platform during threat risk reviews,” Rains wrote.


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