5 Most In-Demand Security Skills

5 Most In-Demand Security SkillsThe number of IT security job postings listed on Dice.com has escalated significantly compared to a year ago, based on the job board’s annual comparative analysis. The biggest increase is for cybersecurity specialists, whose listings have grown by 60 percent.

“Every year the number of threats and the sophistication of those threats escalate,” says Alice Hill, managing director at Dice.com. “It’s a battle that will only continue to increase, making cybersecurity positions a priority within organizations.”ice defines the broad term of “cybersecurity professionals” as those responsible for building and maintaining a secure computing environment. These individuals collaborate with business leaders to define use cases, risk profiles and determine the appropriate access to information for employees and customers. The cybersecurity job category on Dice includes only those job posts that carry the keyword “cybersecurity.” The job board does not specifically track any particular skill or role that may fit into this job category. Continue reading 5 Most In-Demand Security Skills


Why Teaching Kids to Hack is a Good Thing

The More We Understand About How the Bad Guys Operate, The Better off We Will Be…

I recently had the opportunity to visit Singapore and speak at a variety of IT security events, both big and small, on the subject of modern malware and network-based attacks. The subject matter was fairly dense and the audience was primarily made up of researchers, government policy makers and network security specialists. However, one thing that I noticed was that all of these events included significant numbers of high-school and college students in the audience. This struck me as a particularly smart strategy, even if some of the details went beyond their level of education. Continue reading Why Teaching Kids to Hack is a Good Thing

Best Practice: Can You Really Define ‘Best’ Security?

How many times have you seen a vendor site or proposal say that someone supports “best of breed” security, or that a company honors “best practice”?

I see it all the time, and most of the time it makes me question the integrity and wisdom of the organization.

Why? Mostly because of the meaning the words convey, along with the fact that very few organizations actually implement “best practices.” You are more likely to see Big Foot, or get struck by lightning while being attacked by a shark… In terms of how we care about effective security, the relative measures we should be concerned with are simple: Continue reading Best Practice: Can You Really Define ‘Best’ Security?

Broadcom plans fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi for phones early next year

DG News Service – Broadcom plans to bring IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi to smartphones starting early next year, using a chipset announced Tuesday that the company said can deliver about 300Mbps of real-world speed.

The 802.11ac standard is the next generation of Wi-Fi, designed to provide three to four times the performance of current 802.11n products. The standard hasn’t yet been approved, and the Wi-Fi Alliance is expected to start certifying products with it in the first quarter of 2013, but Broadcom is already shipping silicon for laptops and routers based on the standard in progress. It expects any remaining changes to be minor. Continue reading Broadcom plans fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi for phones early next year

Oracle NetBeans equipped with static analysis

IDG News Service – For the newest release of NetBeans, Oracle has equipped the open-source IDE (integrated development environment) to continuously run a static analysis tool, which could point out possible coding errors to developers as they write their programs.

NetBeans 7.2, released Tuesday, also includes performance improvements and support for the latest languages and associated technologies.

For this release, NetBeans includes FindBugs, a static analysis tool for Java programs. Static analysis inspects program code for possible errors or defects, reporting errors and suggesting possible fixes to the developer. A popular debugger, FindBugs has been downloaded more than 2 million times, its creators estimate. Developers will be able to scan their applications to identify coding problems, getting the results directly within the IDE. FindBugs has long been offered as a plug-in, but this is the first version of NetBeans to include the software as part of its core package, according to Oracle. Continue reading Oracle NetBeans equipped with static analysis

Black Hat 2012: MITRE to detail STIX cyberthreat intelligence system

The Department of Homeland Security and the MITRE Corp. are developing a framework to standardize cyberthreat intelligence sharing and build deeper context into ongoing attacks.

“Given the diversity of the attacks that are going on, we’re recognizing that no organization has the full picture of what is going on.”

Sean Barnum,
software assurance principal, MITRE Corp. Continue reading Black Hat 2012: MITRE to detail STIX cyberthreat intelligence system