One million pages infected by Lilupophilupop SQL injection

ISC (Internet Storm Center) reported that SQL injection attacks. There were about 80 pages infected according to Google searches few weeks back and now it raise to over 1 million . sites being injected with string : “></title><script src=””></script&gt;

Infections are shows on .com, .de, & .uk as the most affected regions. ISC posted stats just to give you a rough idea of where the pages are:
UK – 56,300
NL – 123,000
DE – 49,700
FR – 68,100
DK – 31,000
CN – 505
CA – 16,600
COM – 30,500
RU – 32,000
JP – 23,200
ORG – 2,690
If you want to find out if you have a problem just search for “<script src=”” in google and use the site: parameter to hone in on your domain.
[News Submitted by @om_bee]

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