Another Cloud Computing Platform Launched in Kenya

A cloud service has been launched by a tech firm, three weeks after mobile service provider Safaricom did so.

Internet Solutions firm will offer data management services to local banks. It is a division of local firm, Dimension Data.

As with Safaricom Cloud, InfoConnect will offer disaster recovery, back up and also host data centres for customers.

This is intended to reduce companies spending in buying and managing their network infrastructure, said Loren Bosch, Internet Solutions managing director.

Cloud computing is a technology through which firms host their data or entire network to a third party, saving them the expense of buying and maintaining network infrastructure.

A month ago, consultancy firm Deloitte released a report showing that about 40 per cent of local banks were not ready to adopt cloud computing.

Ninteen per cent thought the technology is premature for the region.

InfoConnect will sell through Internet Solutions and Paynet, which operates the Pesapoint ATMs.

Mr Bosch said Internet Solutions will not be eyeing small and medium companies but will focus on big firms.

Mr George Makori, of Safaricom Cloud, has said they will focus on small and medium size firms.


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